Контакти для українців


Транспорт до та від кордонів / Transport to and from the borders

Житло (міжнародне) / Housing (international)


  • Shelter for UA


Австрія / Austria

Допомога на місці та проживання / Help on the spot and hosting

  • Office Ukraine | Shelter for Ukrainian Artists | Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck


Emergency residencies, relocation for researchers and art students

  • Central European Universtiy - CEU Vienna. Interested students from Ukraine may register to attend (onsite or online) courses offered on the CEU Vienna campus in the Spring Term (AY 2021-22) for credits. All courses are taught in English.

Information on courses and their ECTS value is available here: https://courses.ceu.edu/search/course

Information about application is available here: https://www.ceu.edu/non-degree

Please fill out a "visiting" application form. CEU waives all fees.

  • Die Angewandte (Unversity of Applied Arts Vienna)
    Starting the academic year 2022/23, the institution
    offers to receive students from Ukraine who are already pursuing comparable degrees. All information: angewandte.at/ukraine

  • Австрійська академія наук / The Austrian academy of sciences

  • Tyrol: artist residency programme in an old farmers building. It has space for three artists and/or cultural workers with separate rooms.

VIA ARTISTS AT RISK: https://artistsatrisk.org/apply or email to applications@artistsatirisk.org.

  • The Austrian Federal Ministry of Arts and Culture opened a working call for Ukrainian artists who had to flee their country . Grants for artists' residencies and other support is available.

More information: https://www.bmkoes.gv.at/.../Neuigkeiten/Office-Ukraine.html

Contact: ukrainehilfe@bmkoes.gv.at

бельгія / Belgium

Asylum / Притулок

Relocation for art students

  • HOGENT University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Flanders, Ghent and Aalst

Application fast-track for prospective candidates from Ukraine seeking to enrol in the Curatorisl Studies Postgraduate Programme. Apply now via curatorialstudies@hogent.be

болгарія / Bulgaria

Допомога на місці та проживання / Help on the spot and hosting

VIA ARTISTS AT RISK: https://artistsatrisk.org/2019/04/29/announcing-new-ar-radar-sofia-residency/?lang=en


  • Mini Art Foundation

VIA ARTISTS AT RISK: VIA ARTISTS AT RISK: https://artistsatrisk.org/apply or email to applications@artistsatirisk.org


Робота / Jobs

  • Музей гумору і сатири, Габрово / The Museum of Humour and Satire, Gabrovo
    Музей гумору та сатири в Габрово пропонує роботу музейникам, кураторам, історикам мистецтва, карикатуристам, художникам чи студентам мистецтва, які втекли від війни в Україні. / The Museum of Humour and Satire in Gabrovo offers work to museum specialists, curators, art historians, cartoonists, artists or art students, who have fled from the war in Ukraine.

Великобританія / UK

Допомога на місці та проживання / Help on the spot and hosting

Робота / Jobs

Emergency residency for artists, performers

  • Fish Factory Art Space , Penryn, Cornwall

accomodation and full studio access


  • Blast Theory, Brighton

Offers a temporary residency opportunity to all artists currently trying to escape the conflict in Ukraine. This opportunity is available immediately until 20th May 2022.

The residency is based in Blast Theory's studio in Brighton and we can offer living accommodation for one (or two people sharing a bed), a working space, limited equipment and supplies and use of the communal bathrooms, kitchen and living areas.

At this time we are unable to offer financial support for relocation and living expenses or support with visa applications. We are able to send a letter of support or invitation confirming your residency details which should assist with travelling into the UK.

In order to apply, please visit the following page: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/7FLGYBW

Греція / Greece

Прикордонна допомога / Help at the border

Допомога на місці та проживання / Help on the spot and hosting

Естонія / Estonia

Emergency residencies and continuation of studies for art students

free stay in Massia for anybody forced to flee due to the war in Ukraine

info@massia.ee | infomassia@gmail.com | +372 59823344

General support for artists and refugees

  • KAI Art Center, Tallinn

offers free use of our spaces – exhibition hall, cinema, and office – for any and all events, meetings, and fundraisers that support the Ukrainian war refugees. More info: karin@kai.center (Karin Laansoo) / +37253541041 (Kadi-Ell Tähiste)

ізраїль / Israel

Для науковців та студентів / For scholars and students

Іспанія / Spain

Допомога на місці та проживання / Help on the spot and hosting

  • Espositivo Madrid, independent art space and school
    Ivan Cicchetti

Emergency residency for artists, creative professionals

  • Espositivo, Madrid

www.espositivo.es | ivan@espositivo.es | +34633618973

  • Konvent Residencia, Berga, Barcelona, Catalonia

emergency residencies for artists | https://konventzero.com/Residence | konventacollida@gmail.com

Канада / Canada

Допомога на місці / Help on the spot

Emergency residency for artists, creative professionals

Латвія / Latvia

Допомога на місці та проживання / Help on the spot and hosting

  • General information for Ukrainians arriving in Latvia


  • Latvian Contemporary Art organizations

offer support and mentorship to colleagues - artists and culture professionals arriving to Latvia due to war. We offer: support and connections in your sphere of work, integration in the local art scene, participation in culture and networking events, co-working premises for creative work, other types of support. More info and contacts: https://saite.lv/wle

supports artists and other creatives from Ukraine, offering Pedvale International Residency space. Artists are responsible for travel till Latvia, supplying their own materials and food.

PLEASE APPLY DIRECTLY: send CV and portfolio to pedvale@pedvale.lv | www.pedvale.lv

  • Приміщення для тимчасового проживання в культурному центрі Риги / A temporary living space in cultural hub in Riga
    We offer a temporary living space in cultural hub in Riga. We can offer a paid job • for organiser of interdisciplinary art projects and concerts • manager and host of residents in art residency • technical stuff for independant concert hall • bar tender.

Литва / Lithuania

Help at the border

  • Call 'Stiprūs kartu': +370 677 22 222 or Lithuanian migration Department hotline: +370 5 271 7112 if you need transport.

  • Important information for Ukrainians arriving in Lithuania: bit.ly/InformationForUkrainians

Допомога на місці та проживання / Help on the spot and hosting

  • Low Air, Vilnius

Instagram: @LowAir_theatre


  • Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas

Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas, Lithuania is ready to accommodate 50 teachers and 500 students from Ukraine in its dormitories and guest houses. If you know someone who is in need of this support contact.

  • Rupert Residency, Vilnius

http://rupert.lt | info@rupert.lt

  • NIDA Art Colony, Neringa

Accomodation, transportation and logistics for art students, artists, art workers and their families.


Для науковців та студентів / For scholars and students

  • Академічний притулок / Academic Asylum

Європейський гуманітарний університет (Вільнюс) / The European Humanities University (Vilnius)


Використання платформ ЄГУ для продовження навчального процесу українських ВНЗ в онлайн- та офлайн-форматах;

Тимчасове переселення студентів на період бойових дій до Литви;

Допомога науковцям та факультетам ризику;

Допомога з транспортуванням з інших країн ЄС, які стали тимчасовим притулком, до Вільнюса, Литва;

Допомога в адаптації, оформлення документів в Литві;

Психологічна підтримка.

Use of EHU platforms to continue the educational process of Ukrainian universities in online and offline formats;

Temporary relocation of students for the period of hostilities to Lithuania;

Assistance to scholars and faculties-at-risk;

Assistance with transportation from other EU countries that became a temporary asylum to Vilnius, Lithuania;

Assistance with adaptation, paperwork in Lithuania;

Psychological support.

Mолдова / Moldova

Прикордонна допомога / Help at the border


  • Ecovisio is organizing spaces for refugees from Ukraine. If you or your friends are heading towards Moldova and you need a place to stay, please contact Julian under: +373 78 394 624 or julian@ecovisio.org

General help


Asylum / Притуок

Emergency residency for artists

  • Leiden Observatory, Leiden

residency for artists with an interest in art&science (specially space /astronomy)


  • Casco casco, Amsterdam

VIA ARTISTS AT RISK: https://artistsatrisk.org/apply or email to applications@artistsatirisk.org

Німеччина / Germany

Asylum / Притулок

Групи Telegram / Telegram groups

Послуги перекладу / Translation services

Загальна допомога / General assistance

  • https://www.ukraine-helpers.org/

  • Лейпцизька мережа для працівників культури в еміграції - підтримайте та отримайте підтримку / Leipzig network for cultural workers in exile - support and get support

Допомога на місці та проживання / Help and hosting

Невідкладні мистецькі резиденції / Emergency residency for artists

  • Karne Kunst, Berlin

http://www.karnekunst.com/residency-for-ukrainian-artists-art-is-urgent/ | info@karnekunst.com

  • Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart

VIA ARTISTS AT RISK: https://artistsatrisk.org/apply or email to applications@artistsatirisk.org

  • PILOTENKUECHE International art program, Leipzig

VIA ARTISTS AT RISK: https://artistsatrisk.org/apply or email to applications@artistsatirisk.org

  • ZKM, Karlsruhe

VIA ARTISTS AT RISK: https://artistsatrisk.org/apply or email to applications@artistsatirisk.org

  • Baden-Württemberg will take up offers of help from the cultural scene for refugee artists and their families

Contact Cultural Aid Ukraine | +49.711.2225.200 | kultur-ukraine@ifa.de

Для науковців та студентів / For scholars, cultural workers and students

  • Goethe Institute / Scholarships for cultural workers from Ukraine

The scholarships are open to partners of the Goethe-Institut Ukraine or the Federal Cultural Foundation in Ukraine. These can be independent artists as well as employees of partner institutions. The amount of the scholarship is 2,000 €. Applications for the Emergency Grant Programme can be submitted here (form in English and Ukrainian): https://www.goethe.de/en/kul/ges/ser/zte.html


In addition, the IfL offers support to researchers from Russia and Belarus who are at risk due to the Ukraine war and the situation in their countries. The prerequisite is that their previous academic work fits in with the IfL's main research areas (migration and mobility, urban and spatial development, border research, history of geography, geovisualisation, etc.).



Для волонтерів / For volunteers

Норвегія / Norway

Asylum / Притуок

Emergency residency

  • Bioregion Institute, Biodesign Lab, Bergen

residency up to one year for biobased creatives (artists, designers, architects)

+47 48 123 115 | www.bioregion.institute | residency@bioregion.institute

Польща / PolanD

Правова інформація / Legal Information

  • Інформація для біженців з України / Information for refugees from Ukraine

Допомога на місці та проживання / Help on the spot and hosting

Португалія / Portugal

Asylum / Притулок

Румунія / Romania

Прикордонна допомога / Help at the border

Допомога на місці та проживання / Help on the spot and hosting

Emergency residencies and continuation of studies for art students

  • Бухарестський університет / The University of Bucharest

University of Bucharest offers 40 rooms available for refugees and colleagues from Ukraine (students and professors) who need temporary or long-term accommodation in Bucharest, transport from the border to Bucharest, translating documents for those who want to continue their studies in Bucharest. Contact: mpe@unibuc.ro

Словаччина / SlovakiA

Прикордонна допомога / Help at the border



  • From Ukraine to Slovakia website


Допомога на місці та проживання / Help on the spot and hosting


Emergency residency for artists

  • Schaubmar Mill, Pezinok

The residency offers a studio, living space for up to 4 people.

Please apply at applications@artistsatrisk.org or to terezia.stevuliakova@sng.sk.

  • PLAST together with Nová Cvernovka, Bratislava

Long-term residence and facilities for a Ukrainian artist (or for a family) in any kind of art practice.

We provide accommodation, studio, and financial support: sucasnytanec@gmail.com

  • Kultúrne centrum Modra

VIA ARTISTS AT RISK: https://artistsatrisk.org/apply or email to applications@artistsatirisk.org

  • Banská Stanica Contemporary (BSC), Banská Štiavnica (central Slovakia)

Provides a long-term residency, accomodation and studio facilities for one Ukrainian artist (or a couple). We have printing workshop, so the focus on printing is the best, but we are open to any kind of art practice.

contact: stokovec@stokovec.sk | www.banskastanica.sk

Словенія / Slovenia

Допомога на місці / Help on the spot

  • Project Atol, Ljubljana
    Підтримка координації з іншими словенськими організаціями, тактична підтримка та комунікація / Coordination support with other Slovenian organisations, tactical support and communication
    Marko Peljhan
    Тема повинна містити / Subject should contain: UKR2022

Emergency residency for artists, creative professionals

  • Mini Theatre / Jewish Centre, Ljubljana


Допомога на місці / Help on the spot

Emergency residency for artists, creative professionals

  • Make Art with Purpose

gives voice to artists and cultural producers in Ukraine through MAP Radio Hour and assisting artists and cultural producers with grants and residencies www.makeartwithpurpose.net | info@makeartwithpurpose.net

  • Cazenovia College, Cazenovia, NY

offers residency, facilities support (printmaking, ceramics, fused glass, drawing/painting and anything that doesn't require other equipment), studio space and housing, and possibly a small stipend for each artist ($800 - 1000 each for the entire period).

Location: 20 miles from Syracuse NY which has a large Ukrainian-American population.

https://www.cazenovia.edu | awelych@cazenovia.edu

Україна / Ukraine

Невідкладна підтримка / Emergency support

  • Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund
    Щоб боротися з наслідками російського вторгнення та загрозами, які війна несе для української мистецької спільноти – громадська організація «Музей сучасного мистецтва» (MOCA) у партнерстві із «Забороною» та «Naked Room» заснувала Український надзвичайний арт-фонд / To deal with the consequences of the Russian invasion and threats the war poses on the Ukrainian art community - (MOCA) Museum of Contemporary Art NGO, in partnership with Zaborona and The Naked Room established the Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund

  • Київська бієнале / Kyiv Biennial
    Iніціатива з підтримки української мистецької та культурницької спільноти / An emergency support initiative for those members of artistic and cultural community of Ukraine who are in need


Угорщина / Hungary

Прикордонна допомога / Help at the border

Free general civil legal help

  • Dr. Anikó Exterde (Hungarian/English)
    +36202958827 | aniko.exterde@exterde.com

  • Refugees from Ukraine can ask their legal questions at: ukraine@muknet.hu

Допомога на місці та проживання / Help on the spot and hosting


  • Milestone Institute & Imact Hub Budapest

Free office space, wifi, charging stations, use of devices, refreshments, play corner for children

address: 1077 Budapest (7th district), Wesselényi street 17. From Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm

email: info@msinst.org | budapest@impacthub.net

tel: +36305675499 | +36303468618

Emergency residency for artists and continuation of studies for art students

  • Central European University - CEU Budapest. While we cannot pursue degree-granting teaching in Hungary, the Budapest campus welcomes refugee students from Ukraine residing in Budapest: to access the credited courses delivered in Vienna remotely (online), from an intelligent classroom on CEU premises; to attend short informal (non-credited) courses in hybrid mode (up to 4 weeks; joining individual sessions is possible, too) to help refugee students put their ongoing research projects in broad transnational interpretative frameworks; to seek mentoring and academic advising in hybrid mode in CEU’s academic fields, generally and/or with a specific focus on participants' ongoing but interrupted thesis projects; the Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives (OSA https://www.osaarchivum.org/) offers a few archival internships to refugee students with an interest in recent history; Students will receive access to the CEU Library in Budapest: https://library.ceu.edu/.

Participation is free of charge. The language of communication is English, in a few cases other languages may be possible.

For further details, please inquire Zsuzsa Bukta at buktazs@ceu.edu

CEU’s outreach activities are also open to Russian and Belarusian students and scholars, who were forced to emigration due their rejection of the war in Ukraine.

Péter Puklus: +36 30 312 0345 | hello@peterpuklus.com

  • ELTE (Eötvös Loránd University) offers dormitory spaces

Gabriella Kassa: +36302158522

Tamás Ribling ribling.tamas@kancellaria.elte.hu

  • Hungarian University of Arts, Budapest

Eszter Vadász: international@mke.hu

Dr. Gabriella Nagy: foreign@mke.hu

  • Budapest Gallery, Budapest

residencies for artists and curators includes free accomodations, stipendium and material grand, as well as professional and personal support as needed.

Julia Hermann: hermann.julia@btm.hu

  • Tranzit.hu - Lehetőségek tere (The Space of Opportunity)

Community space dedicated to young people (14-26) and beyond. We can offer the space for informal stay and meetings in agreed dates (considering the running programs), flexible, in evenings and during the weekend as well. People can stay, read, use the internet, cook for themselves, watch films together, play boardgames, use 4 computers. The space has 160 sqm on two floors, 3 rooms can be used separated. If of interest, we can arrange organize different activities, social help, psychologists.

Location: 1083 Práter u 63. Please contact us, if this can be useful at hegyidora39@gmail.com or at +3630 525 5663

Фінляндія / Finland

Допомога на місці та проживання / Help and hosting

Support for students to pursue their studies and researchers to relocate

  • AALTO University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki
    offers study places and scholarships to Ukrainian students studying at Ukrainian universities as well as degree students who have received asylum from Ukraine. Charting potential ways to help researchers working in Aalto’s fields who arrive here as refugees.


For further questions and information, please contact: ukraine-students@aalto.fi

  • Uniarts Helsinki

Students studying at Ukrainian universities as well as degree students who have received asylum from Ukraine and whose studies have been interrupted due to the war can apply for the right to pursue non-degree studies free of charge at Uniarts Helsinki this spring. Preparations for launching the application processes are underway. More detailed information on applying for non-degree studies and scholarship opportunities will be available in April.


Франція / France

Asylum / Притулок

  • Перші кроки, які слід виконати у Франції / First steps to follow in France
    1. Обзавестись місцевим номером телефону / Get a local phone number
    2. Позвонити за номером 0142500900 і записатись на зустріч як беженцу (говорять по-українськи) / Call 0142500900 and
    take an appointment as a refugee (speak Ukrainian)
    3. Вам приходить СМС з підтвердженням на французькому номері / You will receive an SMS with confirmation on the French number
    4. Прийти в призначений час за вказаною адресою (можливо, під Парижем місто Limay, але може, що-то зміниться) / Arrive at the
    indicated time and at the specified address (possibly near Paris, Limay, but maybe something will change)
    Там вам оформлять заявку на трирічний дозвіл на проживання / There you are applying for a three-year residency permit

  • Кризовий відділ посольства Франції / Cellule de crise de l'Ambassade de France:
    +380 44 590 36 39

  • Просити притулку / Ask for asylum


Допомога на місці та проживання / Help and hosting

Резиденції для художників / Emergency residency for artists

Чеська Республіка / Czech Republic

Загальний список / General list

the school is offering accomodation a further help to Ukrainian refugees and art students.


  • Studio ALTA - Ceaselessly in motion


  • Charity salon in Karpuchina Gallery



A Study Internship https://www.umprum.cz/web/cs/umprum/nabidka-studia-pro-obcany-ukrajiny-12474

UMPRUM for Ukraine - a charity event, 03/04/22: https://www.umprum.cz/web/cs/grafika/umprum-pro-ukrajinu-12476

  • Academy of Fine Arts in Prague - FRAG Collective - co-working zone for Ukraine


  • ICOM Czech Republic


Для працівників культури

  • Czech Centers
    Допомога з включенням до мережі чеських культурних закладів / Help with inclusion into the Czech cultural institutions' network

Чорногорія / Montenegro

Допомога на місці та проживання / Help on the spot and hosting

Emergency residency for artists and continuation of studies for art students

  • 201 Engaging Space, Podgorica

Offers accommodation, workspace, exhibition space, performance space, visa support

Contact: Ana Jankovic + Olof van Winden

Email: jankovicana201@gmail.com | olof@todaysart.nl

ШвейцаріЯ / Switzerland

Загальний список / General list

Швеція / Sweden

Резиденції для художників / Emergency residency for artists

  • Swan Residency
    SWAN працює разом з митцями, які знаходяться в зоні ризику, якнайшвидше, щоб художники, які втікали з війни проти України або були переміщені з неї, дісталися до безпечного проживання в Швеції / SWAN works together with Artists at risk as fast as we can for artists fleeing from or displaced from the Russian war against Ukraine to get to a safe residence in Sweden

Загальноєвропейські ресурси / European resources

Допомога на місці та проживання / Help and hosting

  • Artists at risk
    applications@artistsatrisk.org (people in need don't need to fill in an application form)

  • KtoPomozeUkrajine
    Якщо ви хочете допомогти, пропонуючи житло, транспорт, матеріальну, психологічну підтримку, інші форми догляду (освіта, догляд за дітьми, правова допомога), зареєструйтеся в анкеті. Натисніть на посилання, яке вам цікавить, і заповніть форму. Потім ми обробимо його та зв’яжемося з вами, коли надійде відповідний запит. Щиро дякуємо за довіру!

Професійні поради / Professional advice

  • curatorial hotline
    У момент нищівної повномасштабної війни та інших триваючих насильств ми відновлюємо роботу кураторської гарячої лінії з 1 квітня терміном на один місяць. Під час цієї сесії ми звертаємось до наших зусиль, знань та уваги до вигнаних працівників мистецтва, яким потрібно адаптуватися до нового середовища, відновити мережі чи поділитися своїми історіями. Пропонуємо замовити неформальний 1-годинний відеодзвінок з одним із кураторів-учасників зі списку на нашому сайті.
    In the moment of a devastating full scale war and other ongoing violences, we are reactivating curatorial hotline on April 1 for the period of one month. During this session, we are addressing our efforts, knowledges, and attention to the exiled art workers, who need to readapt to a new environment, rebuild networks, or share their stories. We propose to book an informal 1-hour video call with one of the participating curators from the list on our website.

Психологічна допомога / Psychological help